The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 191: Gratitude, Gifts, & Giving: What I Want to Teach My Kids this Holiday Season

holidays parenting podcast Nov 29, 2022

We all feel it. Christmas is right around the corner. You see it everywhere. The ads, the to-dos, the cleaning, the lists, all the hype. 

But what is it that you want to get out of this holiday season? What is it that you want to give to your kids this holiday season? 

Today on the show I’m sharing some of my personal parenting philosophy with you. I’m sharing what I want to teach my kids this holiday season, the meaning I want them to get out of it, so that it’s not just another time, another season, another holiday that comes and goes like a flash. 

So let’s talk about gratitude, gifts, and giving, shall we? Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares her personal parenting philosophy for this holiday season and what she wants to cultivate for her family;
  • She explains how you can teach your child to have a heart of gratitude; and 
  • She shares a memory of giving...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 190: Here’s How to Not Feel Guilty with Your Potty Training Decisions

I’m getting a little personal on today’s show as I share with you why I haven’t potty trained my two (almost three) year-old yet. 

But the reason why I’m sharing this stuff with you is not to justify myself, but to show you how to not feel guilty about your own potty training decisions, or any parenting decisions for that matter. 

Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re the parents of our own kids here, and that when it comes to our kids, we - - YOU - - are the best experts. 

Now come into my head and hear about my personal life and the reasons why I haven't started potty training. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares the three main reasons for why she hasn’t potty trained her daughter yet; 
  • She explains why she doesn’t feel guilty about not starting potty training yet; and 
  • She walks you through how to not feel guilty when it comes to...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 189: Signs of Reactive Parenting & Why You Want to Get Out of It

behavior parenting podcast Nov 15, 2022

Reactive parenting.

Maybe most of us couldn’t give it a dictionary-worthy definition, but we all know what it looks like. 

What comes to mind is the image of a parent lashing out, yelling at, at waving her fists at her kid following some unwanted behavior the child does, but reactive parenting can be much more subtle than this. 

For all of us parents, we likely have some reactive tendencies simply because we’re quick to respond, especially when we’ve got a lot on our mind and are doing a million things at once. So whether your reactive parenting is subtle or not so subtle, I want to talk about the signs of reactive parenting, the signs of proactive parenting, and some reasons for why proactive parenting is going to be the best approach for you and your child.  

Remember, I help you make parenting easier. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn reviews the signs of reactive...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 188: The Moment You Realize That You Treat Your Children Differently

behavior parenting podcast Nov 08, 2022

We all know that parenting can feel hard sometimes. And parenting can BE hard sometimes, including when you realize that you are responding to your children differently.

Maybe you give your younger child - the obedient and quiet child - the benefit of the doubt. Whereas for your child who is loud, fast-moving, and who pushes your boundaries, you’re much more quick to blame. 

Today I want to talk about this type of scenario in which you find yourself treating your children differently and what you can begin to do to address this pattern of your own behavior. 

Don’t forget my announcement from last week. I’m now offering single one-on-one 30-minute  calls! Sign up for a 30-minute call at

Now let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn explains how it’s easy to treat our children differently especially if they are at different stages of...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 187: The Four Things I Keep Track of in Potty Training & Why

Potty training. Data to keep track of throughout your child’s journey. How to make your potty training journey easier over all. That’s what we’ll be talking about in today’s episode.  


I am now offering one-on-one private 30-minute coaching calls!

That means if you have a question about potty training, about behavior, or about parenting, you can schedule one 30-minute call with me, we’ll chat and you’ll get your questions answered. Super easy. Super convenient. I’m here for when you need me most. Learn more at

Now let’s talk about tracking those important key pieces of data during potty training. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares the four pieces of potty training information that she tracks throughout potty training;
  • She explains why you’ll want to keep track of these...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 186: What To Do When Your Kid Interrupts You

behavior parenting podcast Oct 25, 2022

Does your toddler have a lot to say like mine do? It’s like the talking never stops, and it can leave you feeling exhausted. 

But what happens when your little one interrupts you…. More often than not? 

Today on the show I want to share how this behavior of interrupting happens at my house and what I’m doing to overcome it, to reduce the interrupting, and to teach appropriate waiting. 

If your toddler is a talker and an interrupter, this episode is for you.

Let’s go to the show.


  • Laura Lynn shares why toddlers are prone to interrupt and how it’s a common behavior; 
  • She explains how to respond in the moment when your toddler interrupts you; and
  • She shares ways you can prevent your children from interrupting before it starts. 


It’s time for you to enjoy the seemingly ordinary parts of motherhood. Sign up for a free call with me to learn how my ...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 185: The Positive Behavior I’m Seeing from My 4 Year-Old & How Your Kid Can Do It Too

behavior parenting podcast Oct 18, 2022

There is no sweeter moment while raising toddlers than the moment you see an oh-so-precious behavior from your four year-old. 

For a lot of us, these moments don’t seem to come by often, so when they do, they’re extra special. 

Today I want to share with you the positive behavior I’ve been seeing recently in my four year-old son and the reason for why I’m seeing this behavior. 

This episode is about creating and cultivating that peaceful, loving, and learning environment in your own home. This is something you can create as well, and you’ll soon find that your four year-old is behaving similarly. 

Now let me share with you the positive behavior I’m seeing in my four year-old. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares the positive behavior she’s seeing in her four year-old toward his younger sister; 
  • She describes the reason for why her son...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 184: Communicate This Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Behavior


The smallest changes in how you communicate can make all the difference in the world. 

It’s true for marriage, it’s true for your own mindset, it’s true for work and leading a team, and it’s definitely true for parenting. 

Today I want to share with you one of the ways you should be communicating with your toddlers to increase those good, appropriate behaviors and to get rid of those typical unwanted behaviors. 

The strategy is easy. It’s all about practicing speaking in this way and getting consistent with it. 

Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn describes the easy-to-use strategy to help get your toddlers to do those good, appropriate behaviors; 
  • She shares how the strategy is useful at getting rid of unwanted toddler behaviors; and 
  • She describes how this strategy helps create a learning ground in your home environment.  ...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 183: When to Change Your Potty Training Method (& When NOT To)

Are you considering switching up or changing the potty training method that you are using with your child? 

Maybe you thought your child would get the hang of this whole potty thing right away, but that’s not what it’s looking like, considering that you’re cleaning up pee pee accidents more times in a day than you’d like to count. 

A parent recently asked me if she should switch the more hands-off potty training method that she was using with her son to a much more structured method. The conversation was so enlightening that I wanted to share with you all here so that you’re not left second guessing yourself if you should do something different about potty training.  

Should you change up your potty training method? Let’s find out. Let’s head to the show.


  • Laura Lynn describes the reasons for when you should change your potty training method
  • She...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 182: The Real Reason Parenting Feels Hard

Parenting can feel downright hard. 

Dealing with tantrums. A toddler who talks your ear off nonstop. The kid who only wants mommy. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, and at your wits end. 

And I’m here to remind you that parenting doesn’t have to feel this hard. It can be easier. You can let those tantrums roll off your back. You can respond to that non stop talking toddler simply. You can deal with the child who only needs mommy with ease. We can get you there.  

Now the real reason parenting is hard? Let’s find out. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn described what a lot of moms feel in their parenting; 
  • She shares the reasons for why parenting can feel so hard; and 
  • She gives you specific journal prompts to get to the bottom of what feels hard about parenting so you can determine what to do about it. 


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