The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 104: Handling Your Own Emotions When Your Kid Misbehaves in Front of Your Friends

mindset parenting podcast Mar 23, 2021

Whether we like to admit it or not and whether we talk with others about our own emotions or not, we DO experience some type of emotion when our child acts out in front of our friends… or strangers… or family members… or anyone really. 

And sure, no mom likes or enjoys when their toddler misbehaves, whether that’s in public or in the privacy of your own home, but when those misbehaviors occur when our friends or any others are present, there’s a greater intensity to the stress that we may feel in response to those misbehaviors. Speaking from experience here. 

So today I want to talk about how we can better handle our emotions and our thoughts when our children misbehave because it will happen. 

Your children will misbehave in front of your friends. They may misbehave in front of their teacher or daycare staff. They may misbehave in front of your pastor. They may misbehave in front of your doctor. They may misbehave in front of anyone and everyone, so let’s talk about some specific ways you can better prepare and handle your own feelings and emotions when the situation does arise. 

Now onto handling our own emotions when our children misbehave in front of others. Let’s go to the show! 


  • Laura Lynn shares her own experience from when her toddler acted out during a playdate and how she handled her own emotions; 
  • She explains the specific areas you need to evaluate and think about when your child does misbehave in front of others so that you can better handle your thoughts and feelings; and 
  • She shares how understanding behavior can help keep your mama mind right on track


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