The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 107: Toddlers, Technology, & Tantrums: What You Need to Know

Oh technology. 

Every toddler loves their parent’s phone and every parent hates the tantrums that follow the removal of that beloved piece of technology. 

As a mama I feel the burden too of telling my kid it’s time to turn off his show and do something else. The tantrums that follow aren’t fun, we can all admit, but with the right strategies we may find that it’s a heck of a lot easier for our kids to deal with the removal of those pieces of technology that they oh so love, which of course will be nice for us. 

So today on the show we’ll chat all about toddlers, technology, and tantrums and I’ll share some key strategies to help make the removal of technology easier for both you and your kiddo.

Now let’s head to the show! 


  • Laura Lynn shares how much screen time a toddler can have
  • She explains why toddlers have tantrums following the removal of screen time; and 
  • She outlines specific strategies for transitioning children away from screens when technology time is over to help reduce the likelihood of tantrums. 


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Read article on screen time recommendations here.

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