The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 110: Potty Training & Daycare: What To Tell Them & What to Plan For

Potty training is hard enough as is, but if you’ve got a kiddo who is in full-time daycare, it feels like the pressure is on. You’re thinking…

“When am I going to get this done?” 

“How can I devote enough time to potty training my toddler when we are hardly together during daytime hours?” 

“What do I need to tell my child’s teacher?” 

“How do I go about doing potty training?” 

“Will the transition to going potty at daycare be easy for my kiddo?” 

It’s a lot to think about, and I don’t want you to be overly stressed or get yourself overwhelmed. So today on the show I’ll guide you through what you need to know about communicating with your child’s daycare about potty training and what sorts of things you can expect along the way. 

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be as hard as we make it, so let’s bring back some ease to potty training. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares what to communicate to your child’s daycare before you begin potty training; 
  • She explains when it’s a good time to send your toddler to daycare in underwear; and
  • She outlines what the potty training process can look like for a toddler who is in full-time daycare. 


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