The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 113: Does My One Year Old Understand These Parenting Strategies?

A very common question that I’m frequently asked by the parents that I coach one-on-one regarding behavioral parenting strategies is whether their one year old, toddler, or young child actually understands the parenting strategies that they use. Hey, it’s a good question. 

Are young children able to, in a sense, understand what is going on when we are using our parenting strategies of effectively communicating or using timers or providing choices?

 So today on the show I want to dive into this question and explain how our young children learn and behave in response to our parenting strategies. 

Now onto talking about our parenting strategies and whether or not our kids know what we are saying. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn explains how consistency and repetition is needed for our young children to know what these parenting strategies mean and how they should respond; 
  • She shares that you can’t expect your parenting strategies to work the first time since your young child is learning what it means; and 
  • She explains how she taught her own 15 month daughter to use the phrase “help me”. 


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