The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 122: But How Do I Discipline My Child?

behavior podcast strategy Jul 27, 2021

So, how do you discipline your child? How do you discipline your toddler? 

Whenever you ask these questions to yourself or to your child’s pediatrician or to an expert I think what you’re really asking is…

How do I get my child to stop doing something that I don’t like? 


How do I PUNISH my child to get him to stop doing whatever it is that I don’t like?

A lot of times in our world the word “discipline” is so closely connected to the word “punish,” and a lot of times in our own parenting thoughts we think that the best way to see improvements in behavior is by “disciplining” our children, by “punishing” them. 

But today I’m going to urge you to take a new look at discipline, a more positive look at discipline… a look at discipline that can extend beyond the current moment that you’re facing. A new look at parenting that can not only improve your child’s behavior in whatever moment that you’re in - whether it be whining or tantrums or rough play or food on the floor - but that can also help you actually enjoy being a parent because, well, to be honest, you’re good at it… because you’re parenting your toddler beyond discipline and into this new way of looking at parenting. 

So if you’re ready to see improvements in your toddler’s behavior and you’re ready to actually enjoy the process, buckle up. This is gonna be a fun show! 

So how do you discipline your child? Great question! Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn discusses how we should first respond to our toddler’s unwanted behavior instead of immediately going to “discipline”; 
  • She shares an example from her own parenting in how she taught important skills to her toddler instead of “punishing”; and 
  • She provides numerous examples of how we can teach our toddlers in the moment instead of ineffectively disciplining them. 


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