The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 138: Is It Normal for My Child to Have Meltdowns Around the Holidays?

behavior holidays podcast Nov 16, 2021

Most of us love a good holiday celebration, and before we know it we are going to be thrown into over a month of celebrating. 

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, from party after party after party, and from one activity to another, your schedule is going to be booked. The same goes for your kids as well. Maybe you love it or maybe you hate it. 

But the reality of this holiday craziness is that there are bound to be a few extra meltdowns or tantrums here or there - from your toddler of course, but maybe also from you - and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise, should it? 

Today on the show we’re going to be talking about these meltdowns that happen around the holidays: why they are more likely to occur at this time and what you can do to help your kid - and yourself - through this holiday season. 

Let’s go to the show.


  • Laura Lynn discusses what can contribute, influence, and give rise to your child’s meltdowns that occur around the holidays; 
  • She shares easy and specific ways you can help your child through the holidays and prevent some of these meltdowns from occurring; and 
  • She illustrates how the holiday craziness can also affect you - and your behavior as it relates to your child - as well. 


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