The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 141: What To Do When You’ve Dabbled with Potty Training & You’re Ready To Get It Done

Have you dabbled with potty training but you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal, go all in, and ditch those diapers for good? 

Maybe you’ve given your toddler the time and the space to get comfortable with the potty, to give it a try on their own, and to let them do it on their terms. But maybe, just maybe, your toddler isn’t daytime potty trained. 

Don’t worry. It’s not just your toddler and you’re not the only one in this boat. Many, many parents have gone this route of being lax about potty training but soon finding that they need to ramp up the strategies a little bit to actually get their kiddo potty trained. 

And guess what, some kids actually do need to be “trained.” They need to go through the potty training process. They may not be potty trained on their own or in their own timing, and that’s okay. 

So today on the show I’m going to answer the very common question of how to jump into potty training when you’ve dabbled with it a bit but you’re ready to get it done for good.  

Now let’s talk about how to move beyond the dabble in potty training. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares how dabbling within potty training can produce some benefits to the structured potty training method; 
  • She explains why some children need to be formally potty trained; and
  • She outlines what you need to do to begin formal potty training with your toddler.


If you feel intimidated, stuck, or uncertain about this whole potty training thing, I have your back. Schedule a free call with me at so we can hash out how you can get potty training done in ease.

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