The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 171: The EASIEST Strategy I Use to Prevent Public Tantrums

podcast strategies tantrums Jul 12, 2022

My 2- and 4-year old really love to go to the library, and one of the big problems that comes up for my kids is who is going to push the button to automatically open the door when we walk in and walk out. 

It can be a battle, and if I don’t use the right strategies, there will for sure be a loud tantrum in the quiet library.

So today on the show I want to walk you through my tried-and-true AND easy to use strategy that has saved me frustration and that has consistently prevented any public tantrums from occurring for both of my kids in this situation. 

The strategy is incredibly easy, and it can be applied in a lot of different situations to save you headache and heartache and give your kiddos the support that they may need. 

Now on to my tried-and-true strategy. Let’s head to the show.


  • Laura Lynn explains the parenting strategy she uses to prevent public tantrums in the library with her two toddlers;
  • She outlines the step-by-step process for effectively using this strategy so that you can easily apply it in your own parenting; and
  • She explains what you need to do to figure out what strategies could help you prevent unwanted behavior.


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