The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 172: Wisely Using Rewards in Potty Training So They Actually Work

If you’re in your potty training journey with your toddler and you’re concerned or worried that maybe your child is just not  getting the hang of it or you feel that your child is struggling to learn the process or you feel that maybe they aren’t making the progress that you think your child should be making, the very first thing that I would look at and trouble shoot is the reward you’re using. 

And if you’re concerned about progress and aren’t using rewards at all, then by all means add those rewards in. 

The reason that I say that rewards is the first thing that you should troubleshoot in your potty training journey is that it’s a pretty dang easy thing to fix or to change, and that one small change with rewards in potty training can actually make a huge difference. 

That’s my go-to when it comes to troubleshooting typical potty training progress issues because one small, easy change can make such an impact.

Now let’s talk about using rewards in potty training so that they can actually work for you and help your child become potty trained. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn explains the best practice strategies for effectively using rewards in potty training;
  • She shares when you should NOT deliver a reward to your child; and 
  • She shares the strategy for how to make your reward the most effective and most motivating for your child throughout potty training. 


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