The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 173: The Power of Creating Trust for Yourself & Your Child

mindset podcast strategies Jul 26, 2022

A concept about parenting that I’ve really been focusing on with the parents that I coach is the idea of you being the expert of your own child. And not only that, but you being the BEST expert of your own child. 

Do you feel like you’re an expert on your child? 

Maybe you’ve never thought about it. Maybe your gut reaction is that no, you don’t feel like the expert of your own child. Maybe you have a lot of questions, a lot of doubt, a lot of uncertainty surrounding how you’re parenting or the decisions you make regarding your child. 

Maybe it’s a little too easy for you to see the areas where you feel that you’re struggling in your parenting, and it’s a little too hard to see the areas where you’re thriving, where you are, indeed, the expert of your child. 

I love developing this thought with moms and specifically to help you to hone in on your own parenting genius with your child. 

I think one of the best ways that we can do this - that we can feel like the expert of our child and hone in on our parenting genius - is to build trust with ourselves and with our child. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a baby step. But this one step can be that first thing to get that pendulum to swing in the opposite direction - away from the uncertainty, the fear, the self-doubt, the frustration, the confusion. 

Which leads us to today’s episode. Let’s talk about creating trust for yourself and your child. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn explains the strategy you can begin practicing today to build trust with yourself and with your child;
  • She sheds light on why it’s important to avoid using threatening statements with your child; and
  • She shares how practicing this skill now will serve you in the future as you continue to learn and use other parenting strategies.


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