The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 85: Why I Waited to Potty Train & Why You Should Too

Today we are talking about potty training, but it’s not your typical potty training chat. I’m sharing why I waited to start potty training my toddler… he was over two years old but not quite 2.5…. And I’m sharing what potty training looked like for us day in and day out: how much time we devoted to potty training per day, why on certain days we didn’t potty train very much, why we took an entire day off from potty training, and a bunch of other juicy details. 

And I’m sharing all of these details with you because 1) I want to show you that not everyone’s potty training journey is spotless (even mine) and 2) I want to show you how I’m a real human being, how I allowed myself to be a real human being who has needs to be met, and how you can allow yourself to be human and give yourself some slack. 

So enough of all of this potty training pressure. Yes, I’m giving you permission to do you, mama! 

Alright, now on to me being human and sharing my potty training journey with my toddler. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares specific details on her potty training journey with her toddler;
  • She illustrates key ways to set YOURSELF up for success during potty training; and
  • She shares the factors that were influencing her on whether or not to start potty training, including guilt, comparison, and a bit of science


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