The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 87: Is It Normal That My Kid Won’t Play Alone

parenting play podcast Nov 17, 2020

Hey mamas! We are back with another episode of the “is it normal” series, and today’s topic is a good one because it’s not really talked about very much. 

So let me ask you, does your child, does your toddler, play alone in his or her room? Or it could be in the living room or the kitchen, but does your child play alone? 

And if your answer to that question is “no,” in this episode I’ll give you some specific pointers on what you can do to get your kiddo to begin playing alone. 

Playing alone is an important topic because we are left feeling like we need to be there for our kids when our kids need us, yet, it’s also incredibly important for them to have independence, even within their playtime. 

Now let’s talk about getting your child to play alone. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn highlights the expectations we need to have when it comes to our children playing alone; 
  • She shares how you can begin teaching your young children to play by themselves before playing alone becomes an issue; and
  • She reveals specific strategies you can begin using now to get your child to play by him or herself.


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