The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 91: Is It Normal for My Kid to Be Ungrateful

behavior holidays podcast Dec 15, 2020

Tis the season for receiving gifts, giving thanks, and showing gratitude. And if you’re a mama who has toddlers and older kids, the thought of how your children will respond when they receive a gift that they don’t like may terrify you. 

Kids receive gifts throughout the entire month of December... at daycare, at school, at Christmas parties, with extended family, and, of course, with you on Christmas Day, so there’s plenty of opportunity for your kids to respond to receiving a gift. 

While we definitely prefer that our kids receive a gift they like and will use, that is not always the case (cue the ugly Christmas outfit). Inevitably, at a young age, they will be confronted with the situation of what to do and how to respond when they receive something they don’t like. 

And you, mama, will be confronted with a similar situation of watching your kid respond terribly to receiving an unwanted gift. Yikes!

So today on the show I want us to talk about our potentially ungrateful kids, what we can do beforehand so they aren’t embarrassing us in public or in front of family members, and how we can teach our children to be grateful in these situations. 

 Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares examples from her own childhood about how she appropriately and inappropriately received gifts;
  • She illustrates how you can begin teaching your children to receive gifts appropriately by infusing easy habits into your daily life; and
  • She shares the direct process for teaching your child to receive gifts gratefully


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