The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 95: Why I Followed a Potty Training Schedule & Why You Should Too

You know I love supporting you with potty training, and because I potty trained my own toddler late summer just this past year, all of the questions of how to potty trained are freshly on my mind. 

And, because it’s winter and most people are stuck inside during these cold months (and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic), I’m seeing a lot of parents like you asking the typical potty training questions. 

Should I wait until my child is older? 

Should I let him do it on his own time? 

Is it a good or bad idea to push potty training? 

There could be a million potty training questions that boils down to HOW-TO POTTY TRAIN. 

Today, I want to answer one of those very common potty training questions: should I follow a potty training schedule or should I let it come naturally? 

I’ll talk about the difference between both of those options, all of the options in between, and give you some answers for why I followed a potty training schedule… I’m a big fan of following a schedule and I’ll tell you exactly why. 

Now let’s talk about those potty training schedules. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn discusses the differences between potty training methods that do and do not use schedules
  • She explains why following a potty training schedule makes potty training easier for parents; and
  • She shares her reasons of science and biology for doing the schedule method route. 


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