The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 57: A Time for Teaching Life Skills

Hello, hello! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. Can you believe that this is our final episode of my series to support you during this COVID-19 pandemic? I feel like so much life has happened within these past four weeks. Phew. How are you doing with it all? I hope you’re not only hanging in there but thriving. 

In today’s episode I am sharing how we can use this time at home so incredibly wisely with our kids. I think we’ve all learned (or have been reminded) that life happens, and sometimes we need to go back to our roots and a much simpler lifestyle. So today I’m talking about using this time that we have at home with our kids to teach them the ever-important life skills that they will need now and later on in life.

Before we jump to it, I want to let you know about an amazing freebie I have for you… to help teach your young child an important life skill. I’m talking about potty training of course! Check out my 5 Secrets to Potty Training success at to ditch the diapers today!

Now let’s talk about those life skills, shall we? Let’s go to the show!

What are life skills? They are those skills that we need for everyday life. Daily living skills if you will. During this pandemic I’m seeing people focus more on life skills: people desiring to farm more; having to do house tasks instead of hiring it out; homeschooling; etc. 

We are very clearly seeing a NEED for teaching our children life skills during these uncertain times: to save money; to keep social distancing/avoid contact; due to businesses being closed. 

We want to teach our child life skills so that they know how to complete tasks for themselves, be as self-sufficient as possible and as appropriate. This is true for children of all ages. 

Potty training is a perfect skill for toddlers to have. And hey, you can save that money that you would have spent on diapers! Check out my 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success freebie to get started today at

As we teach our children important life skills, the skills become more advanced as children become older. Children may learn how to clean and bathe themselves. Middle schoolers may learn how to prepare and cut food. Teens may learn how to budget. As children grow up, their life skills become more advanced. 

Here are a few different life skills you can begin teaching your children at home: 

  • Making the bed
  • Setting the table
  • Doing laundry
  • Washing hands
  • Tying shoes
  • Yard work

For younger children, think about the things you do for them on a daily basis that they will eventually do themselves, and begin teaching those skills. For older kids, think about the skills that require more responsibility (like cutting the grass and banking). 

When you do teach your children these skills, you can use a lot of different strategies: visual aids, a step-by-step list, modeling, providing reminders, etc. It’s very important to be more hands on with the teaching up front and then gradually be more hands off as your child learns the skill. 

Truthfully, this is an opportunity for us to really use our time wisely with our kids. We are at home with our kid anyway so why not teach them those important life skills that will set them up for success in the future? 

To begin teaching the skill of potty training, check out my freebie ( and my Potty Training Made Easy course (  

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