The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 22: Gearing Up for School Part 2: Bedtime Routines

bedtime podcast school Jul 30, 2019

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Hi there and welcome! We are continuing with our Gearing Up for School series because I know so many of you are in countdown mode to the new school year. Today I will be talking all about bedtime routines and how to use them to set your child up for success. Let’s do it! 

#1 Set a bedtime

If we want our children to be successful in school and in life, they need to have that adequate sleep, so setting a bedtime is a must. Not only do we need to set a bedtime, but we also need to be consistent with that bedtime. This means that our children should follow the same bedtime on weeknights and on the weekend. If we haven’t started following this schedule yet, now’s the time. 

#2 Have a bedtime routine

A bedtime routine includes all of the activities that your child needs to accomplish at night to prepare for bed. For example, taking a bath, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, reading a bedtime story, and a getting a goodnight kiss from mom or dad can all be part of a bedtime routine. It’s best to start the bedtime routine with the most active activity and gradually move to the least active activity to signal to the child’s body that it’s time to prep for going to sleep. Since screen time can be very stimulating for our children’s brains, it’s best to leave out those electronics during the bedtime routine. 

We can also include tasks in the bedtime routine to help make the morning routine run a bit smoother. For example, you might have your child lay out clothes for the next day during the bedtime routine to help your child’s morning be less stressful. 

If you have established a bedtime routine for your child but you still struggle with keeping your child IN BED once put to bed, check out my Bedtime Pass Mini Course. Using a bedtime pass can help eliminate the problem of those frequent bedrooms exists for something to drink or another hug. 

#3 Use visuals if needed

To help your child complete the bedtime routine, create a checklist or visual schedule and post it on the wall in your child’s bedroom. These visuals can really help your child to know what tasks need to be done in the order that they need to be done and to help your child move through the bedtime routine with more independence. 

If your child still struggles with moving through the bedtime routine, or any part of the day for that matter, think about the other strategies that you can pull out of your parenting toolbox. Timers or reminder statements may greatly benefit your child in specific situations. To learn more about general parenting tips and strategies, stay tuned for my new course which is all about regaining control of your child’s behavior. This new course will walk you through the most basic parenting advice that I teach to almost all of the parents that I work with, and these tips can be real lifesavers! 

As parents, we are all about setting our children up for success for school and for life. Stay tuned for the next two episodes which will continue to provide ways for you to help set your child up for success for the start of school!

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