The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 76: Being Your Own Parent: Throwing Away that Perfect Parent Image

goals parenting podcast Sep 01, 2020

Hey and welcome back! Today’s episode is all about being comfortable in our own parenting skin. It’s about accepting who we are as parents and also accepting who we desire to be as parents. It’s about throwing away that so-called perfect image and being the parent that our family needs, and truthfully, who we need to be. So, today is about accepting the type of parent you’re striving to be and accepting where you currently may be… room for improvement and all. 

And today is an incredibly exciting day because my doors are now OFFICIALLY open for virtual 1:1 behavioral consulting for families who live in Alabama. I’m so excited to be at this new place in my business, yet a very familiar place for me as a professional. I’m very excited to be able to serve families where they are at, to help their day-to-day activities run more smoothly simply by helping to improve behavior, and to be a support person for them. To give your mind some ease and to learn how I can best help you, book a free clarity call with me and learn more about my offerings and packages as

Now let’s head to the show and throw out that perfect parent image!

We all know that there is lots of room for judgment in the parenting world.

A very timely question we may have is “Should I send my kid back to in-person learning at school or should we do virtual schooling?” We ask our family members their opinion. We ask our neighbors. We ask our friends.

But yet, when we ask around for other people’s opinion, are we really trying to get a better understanding of all sides to a decision (the pros and cons of going back to in-person learning or the pros and cons of doing at home virtual learning)… or are we just trying to get that acceptance?

The acceptance that whatever decision I make as a parent is a good one. That others, that outsiders, that other parents and family members, will agree on our decision and ACCEPT our decision.

I think a lot of times what we are really looking for is that acceptance piece, because not only do we want others who are in similar shoes or who are close to us to accept the parenting decisions that we make, but we also want to avoid any judgement that may come if we make the “wrong” parenting decision.

But this judgement that we can feel doesn’t just come from our decisions about whether or not we should send our children back to in-person learning amidst this pandemic. It can be about general parenting too: how I potty train, how to manage and handle minor inappropriate behavior, how to handle it when my kid doesn’t follow directions or doesn’t do his chores, or refuses to do schoolwork. 

And in our culture right now, especially with social media, we have gotten so used to seeing others flaunt their lives, including their parenting lives, and we, the everyday parent are viewers of that, we see that.

And a lot of times we may look at a friend’s parenting life or an influencer’s parenting life and think “well, that style, that parenting style doesn’t really fit my kid or me or my family’s needs. I’m not like that. We’re not like that.

So really what we are left with is accepting ourselves. Accepting our own parenting style. Accepting how our family operates. Being comfortable with who we are as a family, and being confident in that.

And when I work with families within my 1:1 support, I don’t try to make them be like the influencers or the “perfect family” that everyone sees on social media. I help them be their own individual family by looking at the needs of their individual family. Thus, the 1:1 support that I offer is different because I tailor it to what you and your family needs, not what everyone else’s family needs.

If you’re looking for that support and that guidance to get your kids and your parenting back on track (and if you live in Alabama), book a free clarity with me to learn how I can best help you!

Just throw that perfect parenting image out of the window because it doesn’t exist. What matters is that you are the parent that you need to be and you’re the parent that your kids need you to be. That’s it.

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