The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 37: Three Ways to Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season

holidays parenting podcast Nov 26, 2019

Hi! Laura Lynn LaPointe here! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! The holiday season can be such an amazing and exciting time of year, but with kids in tow, all of that holiday magic can quickly turn into childhood mayhem - you know what I’m talking about… the screaming, crying, tantrums… the whole nine yards. So in today’s episode I’m sharing three ways to save your sanity this holiday season so your celebrations don’t turn into catastrophes. And before I forget, check out my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course.

I’m bringing this episode to you because I know how crazy the holiday season can be with Thanksgiving, Christmas, shopping, the kids being home from school, attending parties, having family in town, crazy schedules, and all of the loud noises. All of this craziness can lead to parenting overwhelm! Here are three important tips to help you maintain your sanity this holiday season. 

#1 Consistency

Naturally, the holiday season can bring a lack of consistency, but consistency is really what our children need. There are so many specific areas where you can maintain consistency in your child’s day over the holidays but here are a few: nap, bedtime and the bedtime routine,the timing of meals, making sure your children have snacks, your children’s overall schedules, and incorporating quiet time and downtime into their day. And, of course, we don’t want to forget to maintain consistency with those specific parenting strategies that we’ve been using, like praise and any reward systems we use with our children. 

If you’re needing some new and specific strategies to use at home and when you’re out-and-about, check out my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course. This course is jam packed with specific strategies that are easy to use and that can have a huge impact on preventing your child’s unwanted behavior. 

#2 Preparation 

The holiday season can be a lot of unknowns for our children, so it’s a smart idea to prepare them for those unknowns by providing expectations. We can provide expectations surrounding the who, what, where, when, and hows of any situation that your children need to be prepared for. During the holiday season, we can provide expectations surrounding receiving gifts, having family over, attending parties, church services, waiting in line at stores, etc. This is an easy strategy to use that can have a huge impact on your child’s behavior. 

#3 Flexibility

It’s so important to be flexible not only with our children but also with ourselves during the holiday season. Sometimes we may just need to be patient with our children when there’s so much chaos going on. And sometimes we need to give ourselves a little bit of grace when things don’t turn out perfectly. 

But if you’re needing some new strategies that you can use NOW, I have a great resource for you! Check out my 3 Parenting Tips & Tricks to Save Your Sanity Today FREEBIE at Did I mention it’s free?! 

Since the holiday season can be such a chaotic and hectic time of year, I hope these three tips give you the sanity that you need in your day! Again, don’t forget to check out my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course if you’re ready for some specific strategies to use at home and while you’re out-and-about. 

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