The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 63: How to Avoid Yelling & Find More Joy at Home

parenting podcast strategy Jun 02, 2020

Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. How to avoid yelling… Maybe you’re thinking that it’s not possible, right? Maybe you feel that it’s simply not possible for you to avoid yelling because of a particular circumstance: you’re a single parent; you feel your child is the WORST behaved one out there; you feel like you don’t have the motivation to try a different strategy and cut out the yelling; you’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work; OR you’re over-tired, over-worked, and simply burned out. Well I’ve got some good news for you. It IS possible. You CAN avoid yelling. And, bonus, you CAN find more joy at home! And that’s what today is all about. 

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Let’s jump to it! Let’s go to the show!

Let’s be honest here. We all have yelled at our kids, or at least have been tempted to yell at our kids, when they’ve done some behavior that just annoys the heck out of us.

It’s tempting to yell because it’s easy, especially if that’s how we were raised. It’s an easy go-to, and sometimes it just happens. The words fly out of our mouth and we don’t even realize it until it’s over. And sometimes we think it’ll make us feel better…. because we think it’ll work… and we’re really angry about something and yelling supposedly helps with that. 

The problem with yelling is that it doesn’t work…. LONGTERM. We have to keep yelling… now and in the future. 

But let’s just say that yelling as a parenting strategy worked. Even if yelling really works for your kid, that doesn’t mean that this is the strategy that you want to use.

So, let’s ditch the yelling and move toward more positive parenting practices. Let’s use those positive parenting strategies that build up our relationships with your children, not destroy them.

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These positive parenting strategies helps us have a better relationship with our kids because communication is clear, we’ve outlined our expectations, and we’ve created a positive environment instead of one that’s built on negativity and fear.

And when we use these positive strategies, it helps us feel more confident as parents, we feel less guilty, we feel empowered, and we enjoy parenting our children.

When we get rid of the negativities of yelling, we aren’t wasting our precious time thinking about how we should be different, how we should be a better parent, how we wish we had a different relationship with our child. Instead, we are replacing the negativity with positivity which brings us joy in our parenting.

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