The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 49: How to Get Your Child to Follow Directions

Hey there! Thank you for joining me on today’s episode which is all about using an easy strategy to get your child to listen! And as you know, this is the third episode of the “my children don’t follow directions” series. So today I’m going to walk you through the exact strategy I use to not only get my child to listen and follow directions but how I get my clients to do the same! 

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Okay, now let’s jump into the episode!

While today’s episode is all about the “how,” we don’t want to forget the “why”: Why is our child not following our directions? Because that’s the first important piece of the puzzle. If we don’t know or understand the “why” or if we haven’t addressed the “why,” our “how” won’t be as effective. 

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And what we know is that we need to deliver effective instructions. We need to avoid delivering our directions as questions. We need to be sure that we are in close proximity to our children when we do deliver an instruction. We need to avoid instructions that are too complex. And we need to make sure that our children understand our instructions. And these are some of the exact points that I talk about in my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course. 

What I love about the course is that it includes specific strategies that can help your child to follow directions but also helps with tons of other behaviors like, junk behavior, minor tantrums, crying, sibling fights, etc. Plus, each model comes with a handout that walks you through the most important takeaways and helps you begin applying the strategies in your home. Check out the course at

 So, how to get your child to follow directions. The strategy that I use inside and outside the home is called tell-show-do. We first “tell” our child what to do, while making sure that we deliver an effective instruction. Once we’ve given our child 5-10 seconds to following the instruction, we then show our child what to do: we repeat the instruction and point or model what it is that we want our child to do. Once we’ve given our child 5-10 seconds to follow the model, we then help our child complete the task by guiding him to do whatever it is that we’ve said. 

What’s really great about this specific strategy is that not only is it really effective at teaching our child a new skill, but we are also teaching our child how to follow a direction. We’re teaching our child that we mean business when we give an instruction and that our child needs to follow through. 

While there may be a number of techniques or a variation of techniques depending on the situation, we need to remember the “why” behind why our child isn’t following our direction, and make sure that our technique is addressing that why. 

I’m so pumped for you to not only begin using this strategy at home but also to enter into the giveaway for a chance to win one of the three Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior courses that I’m giving away! Check out the course at and be sure to tell your friends ALL about the giveaway and this series!  

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