The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 43: How to Stop Your Kid from Acting Out Before It Happens

Hey there and happy January! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! Can you believe that we are already into 2020? With the start of the new year, most of us have set some type of New Year’s resolution or goal. If you’ve got a child who acts out - but seriously, who doesn’t have a kid who whines, throws fits, crieds, or doesn’t follow directions - maybe this year you want to devote your New Year’s resolution to to learning new strategies to actually stop your child from acting out before it happens so that you can be more productive at home, enjoy your time with your kids again, and feel like you’re winning at parenting. In today’s episode, I am sharing my strategies for how to prevent behavior before it happens so you can accomplish your New Year’s goal with ease. And be sure to head to my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course which includes numerous preventative strategies. The price of the course increases from $49 to $79 on January 15th! 

Really, a big chunk of our parenting is all about prevention. It is easier for us to prevent behavior before it happens than to deal with and manage the tantrums, sibling fights, whining, and wiggly toddlers once they’ve happened. Not only are we saving time when we use preventative strategies, but we are also saving our precious energy! In fact, it will take you more time and energy to deal with behaviors once they’ve occurred than it will take to actually use preventative strategies. 

If you’re ready to capitalize on this idea of prevention, go download my 3 Tips & Tricks freebie where I give you three positive parenting strategies for FREE! And BONUS: the 3 hacks are all preventative strategies. Win, win! 

One of my favorite preventative strategies that I use in my own home and highly recommend to all parents is the first/then statement. It simply outlines and provides an expectation to our children about what we are currently doing and what we will do next. This strategy really is a time and energy saver, and for my own son it has worked amazing wonders at such a young age. 

I not only walk you through the first/then statement strategy in my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course, I also walk you through other preventative strategies that can be major game changers for you and your family. Plus, with each module of the course I include a workbook to help you begin implementing these strategies at home so you can get the biggest bang out of these strategies fast! The strategies that I’ve included in this course are the strategies that I recommend for every parent! And don’t forget that the price of the course increases on January 15th! 

But when we really think about it, prevention really is key. When we use these preventative strategies consistently, not only do we feel great for accomplishing our 2020 goal of using new parenting strategies, we also are freeing up time and energy for ourselves! It is possible to feel confident in our parenting, enjoy our children again, not feel so guilty, and feel like we know how to handle our child’s behavior. 

What we need to do is whip out these parenting techniques from our toolbox and get at that prevention! To capitalize on prevention in your own parenting, snag the Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course to get access to new preventative strategies and the workbooks that can help you implement the strategies at home!  

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