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What would be a better day to launch this website AND business than on Valentine's Day?!  Yep, that's right! is OFFICIALLY launching on Valentine's Day 2019! This has been a BIG dream in the making for longer than I can even realize and it is finally HERE! 

I am SOO glad that you are joining me on this grand adventure! In this post, I want to give you the 411 on what you can expect and see from my and on my sites! Let's jump in to the excitement! 


On the homepage of my website at you will see ALL of the exciting things I've got going: freebies, my Facebook group, podcast, blog posts, and so much more! The highlights are my courses and workshops. 

For a long time I have desired to provide parents with resources that are sound, backed by science, easy to implement, and can help reduce some of that parenting overwhelm. My courses do just that! My first, and signature course, is POTTY TRAINING MADE EASY, which has over 2.5 hours of content that takes you through the step-by-step process of potty training. 

While Potty Training Made Easy is my first course, it is ONLY THE START! My next course will be a much shorter course but one that will be EXTREMELY helpful for families who have children who don't stay in their bed at night. This course will be the BEDTIME PASS MINI COURSE and will be available for purchase in March 2019! I've got many other courses in the works but I'll surprise you with those later! ;)

Another dream that I've had is to provide parents with a sense of in-person community and education... thus my LIVE, in-person workshops! You can invite me to come speak at your next parenting event on numerous different parenting and child behavior topics. Click on the workshops link above to see the different workshops I currently (and in the near future) offer! And let me tell you, I've got A TON of exciting incentives built within these workshops... stayed tuned for more details on THAT! 


Community is important for busy parents, and that's why I have started a Facebook group called THE PARENTING CLUBHOUSE. In THE PARENTING CLUBHOUSE, you will be able to share your joys and struggles of parenting, as well as learn new parenting tips and strategies from yours truly. I will also be offering CHALLENGES to really push you in your parenting journey! Join the group, introduce yourself, and say hi! I can't wait to meet you! 


Every THURSDAY you will see new blog posts by me! These blog posts will vary in topic but will surround topics like parenting, child behavior, specific interventions, examples, stories, and much more! My desire is to reach you where you are out and help make your parenting journey, especially as it relates to your child's behavior, easier. Want me to write a blog post on a specific topic? Join THE PARENTING CLUBHOUSE and leave a post with your idea. I can't wait to hear it! 


For those of you who are busy and like to listen to new content on the go, this podcast is for you! Coming in March 2019, The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast will host all sorts of content related to child behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and parenting. Guest speakers will join me in on the podcast to chat about their expertise as it relates to child behavior. I'm brainstorming BIG TIME on our guest speakers and you WON'T want to miss it! 


Parents, I've got BIG DREAMS for you and for me here at The truly desire for this to be a MOVEMENT where parents feel supported, educated, and encouraged to serve their families and children well. This movement requires you! I would LOVE to hear your feedback and ideas on how I can best serve you and other parents like you. Join THE PARENTING CLUBHOUSE and let you know your thoughts! 

I can't wait to serve you in the BIGGEST and BEST way possible! 

"Parenting resources that can be easily implemented, effortlessly understood, and available when you need them most!"










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