The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 62: Regressions… Oh My! What To Do When Your Kid Goes Backwards

Well, hello! Welcome back to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. Today on the show we are talking about a very timely topic that probably many of you have faced: regressions. That could be regressions in behavior, regressions with sleep, or regressions with potty training. And it’s a timely topic because lots of children have faced or are facing regressions because of the pandemic. Because of being quarantined. Because of having to attend virtual school. Because of being socially isolated and not being able to play with friends. Because of being stuck at home, which is a completely different and weird situation for our kids. Shoot, it’s all weird, isn’t it? So today we are jumping into why regressions happen and what to do to get back to normal. Plus, I’ll share my own thoughts and my family’s specific situation with regressions.

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Now on to the show!

Numerous children have regressed in some way during this time of quarantine, and I’ve personally heard from several parents indicating that their kid has experienced regressions, whether that be with sleep, potty training, or unwanted behaviors. 

Regressions occur because of some type of stress in the child’s life and/or changes in their environment. During this time, our children have experienced both. They’ve experienced financial stress and emotional stress, and they’ve experienced changes in their environment, like not being at school, spending more time at home, and not seeing their friends.

Regressions are common right now because of all of the stress and all of the changes we’ve faced because of the pandemic.

So how should we respond? We should avoid getting mad, avoid getting frustrated, and avoid yelling. We should reassure them. And we should begin addressing the problem.

When our children have had regressions in their behavior and they are now having more tantrums, acting like a baby, or whining, we can use strategies that work, like my 3 Easy Parenting Hacks. You can download that at Using strategies actually gives our kids structure, routine, security, and reassurance because when we are consistent with them, our kids know what to expect. It brings a sense of comfort. For more specific strategies that I recommend for all parents, check out my Regain Control course at

When our children are having regressions in potty training or are having accidents when they haven’t been having any, we can go back to what worked during our potty training with our kids. It’s like a refresher for our kids. Unsure of what worked with potty training? Grab my freebie 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success at

When our children are having regressions with their sleep, like wanting to sleep in your bed, fighting bedtime, and leaving their room once put to bed, we want to make sure we are using behavioral strategies that work. Having a solid bedtime routine is key. We could even use a bedtime pass if our kids leave their room once they are put to bed. I’ll explain all about it in my Bedtime Pass Mini Course at

And, of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician when regressions arise.

The big take away here is don’t get mad with yourself, don’t get mad with kids, and do the things that work! If you need tips to help with those behavior check out my 3 Easy Parenting Hacks freebie at I’m rooting you on! And I’m here to support you!

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