The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 48: The REAL Reason Why Our Children Aren't Following Our Directions

Hey there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! We are continuing with our second episode of the “my child doesn’t follow directions” series. I am pumped about today’s episode because we are going to understand WHY our children don’t follow our directions. Because once we understand the “why” we can actually do something effective to target the problem. And let’s be real: we are done with the drama, the sass, the arguing, the back talk, the negotiating, and we’re definitely tired of completing the task ourselves. So let’s get at this “why” so we can have a child who listens and follows directions without sass, shall we? 

But first, I want to fill you in on a little secret! I’m doing a giveaway within the coming weeks! I’m giving away not one, not two, but THREE of my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course! Stayed tuned to the podcast within the next few weeks so you can learn how to enter the giveaway. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss the next episode, and check out the course at to get excited for the giveaway! 

In the last episode (and the first episode in this series) we talked all about the typical scenario of our children not following our directions: lots of yelling, arguing, negotiating, back talk, refusing to follow the direction, or just plain not listening to us. There can be lots of negativity when our children don’t follow our directions. But with this negativity comes a lack of strategy to really handle the situation, and with a lack of strategy, this cycle continues. If you’re tired of having no strategy and are ready to jump into some easy strategy now, download my freebie at to get instant access to three hacks that I use within my own home and hat can help you deal with a kiddo who isn’t following directions! 

For today, we are here to understand why our children are not following our directions, and there could be lots of reasons! Our instructions may not be clear, our instructions may be too complex (like multi-step instructions), our children may not understand what we’ve asked them to do, our children may not be focused on what we are saying or is busy watching TV, our children may not know how to do the task we’ve asked, and sometimes, our children may just not want to do the task at all because of a lack of motivation. For most of these examples, the “why” behind why our children aren’t following our directions has a lot to do with the environment. I HIGHLY suggest taking a listen to Episode 13: What’s the Environment Got To Do with It (one of my favorite episodes) to get a grasp on how things going on in the environment can affect child behavior. You can check out that episode at

The key here is that once we understand our child better, we can whip out those parenting techniques and strategies that work! We can phrase effective statements. We can use praise. We can avoid providing attention to that inappropriate, junky behavior. We can use preventative strategies like first-then statements, choices, and timers. We can also use rewards if our children need some extra motivation. In fact, these are all things that I teach inside my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course! 

What I love about the course is that it includes super easy-to-use strategies that can help with a variety of behaviors: not following directions, minor tantrums, junky behavior, whining, sibling rivalry, etc. The added bonus is that the strategies are super easy to use but can make a really big impact and difference in your lives! Plus, the course includes handouts to really help you begin implementing these strategies at home so you can start seeing some results! Check out the course at

As I always say, knowledge is power. Once we understand the “why,” we can do something about the problem, we can do something about our children not following directions. When we understand the “why,” we can pop in a specific strategy, like phrasing effective statements that I talk about in my course. Come see what the course is about at

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