The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 65: The REAL Way to Get Your Kid To Do What You Want

parenting podcast strategy Jun 16, 2020

Hi there and welcome back to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. I’m so happy to have you join me! Today’s episode is about the REAL way to get your kid to do what you want. I know, you’re probably screaming right now saying, “Yes, please, give me the real way.” Because ultimately, we do want our kids to do what we want. We want them to follow our instructions. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have delivered the instruction in the first place. We want them to behave appropriately. We prefer no screaming, no running through the house, and no whining. We want our kids to be able to follow a schedule and transition from activity to activity with no problems... instead of throwing a major fit because TV time is over and we’ve got to get ready for dinner. So today I’m going to help you realize what the real way is to get your kid to do what you want, and the answer may just surprise. Oh goody! 

And I’ll be mentioning my Regain Control course later on in the episode, so for now go check it out at

Now let’s get real, shall we? Let’s go to the show.

First, let me ask you: what is it that you want to change about your child or your situation or your home environment? You probably don’t even need to think about it because it’s been on your mind and you know exactly what needs to change.

Maybe it’s getting your kid potty trained or responding positively to help solve those inappropriate behaviors or laying down some guidelines for bedtime with your kid so you’re not playing that back-and-forth in bed and out of bed game.

Now let me jump right to the surprise of how we get our kids to do what you want… it’s you. It’s the parent.

A magic pill isn’t going to make your kid do what you want. A big wish won’t make your kid do what you want. And putting the responsibility on someone else or on your kid won’t make them do what you want. 

Whether it’s ditching the diapers and getting your kid potty trained or finally addressing those unwanted behaviors (like whining, fighting back and forth, tantrums) so that you see a lot less of those behaviors, change is likely not going to happen unless you help make change happen. 

While it may be difficult to hear that you are an incredibly significant piece for this puzzle to change, I want you to know that and to understand that because if you do want to see those changes (a potty trained toddler and a lot fewer tantrums), then you’ve got to be a part of that solution.

What I can tell you is this: if you are not motivated to make a change to help solve whatever issue you’re wanting to change (remember what you thought of at the beginning of this episode), or you’re not motivated to accomplish a parenting goal that you’ve set for yourself, then I believe that making that change in order to see those results is going to be ten times harder and will take longer.

If you’re really wanting to get your kiddo’s tantrums under control: shorter tantrums, fewer tantrums, less of a headache for you, something will need to change. Something has to be different.

We got to do something new, and thus, we got to make a change. To begin that journey, download my 3 Easy Parenting Hacks to Make Behavior Stop at

So how do you get your kid to do what you want? It’s starts with you.

Be very clear with whatever it is that you want to change. Be very clear of the outcome you want. 

Get the needed help to help you make those changes and see those results. I’ve got a handful of resources for you. If you’re potty training, download my 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success at If you’re working on more praise and positive parenting strategies for a happier home, check out my Regain Control course at

Help yourself to make the parenting changes you need to make by motivating yourself. Yay, rewards!

And most importantly, realize that you may need to change something in yourself to help change your child’s behavior

Remember, instead of looking at with a sense of worry or fear or pressure, look at it with a sense of confidence, empowerment, and strength. Because when you actively help address a situation with your child (instead of passively letting it affect you), you are moving to bring about change… to bring about the success and improvement that you are striving for.

If you’ve got a kiddo with unwanted behaviors, my Regain Control course is a perfect place to start

Look at that power within yourself and begin moving because that’s when you will begin to see change. 

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