The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 58: Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Potty Train Your Child

Hi there! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. As a parent, one of my philosophies in life is to work smarter and not harder. With this pandemic that we are in, this philosophy is really hitting home since our lives have gotten turned upside down. And I want you to work smarter and not harder so you can save that precious energy, not get frustrated with your kids while stuck at home with them all day, and enjoy the free time you have with your family. So, if you’re a parent of a toddler, I’ve got a way for you to work smarter now which will reap those rewards that I just mentioned both now and later. Let’s chat about why NOW is the perfect time to potty train your child, shall we?

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Let’s get to it! Let’s head to the show!

Let’s first talk about the practical side for why now is the perfect time to potty train: 1) you’re already stuck at home with your kids so you might as well make good use of your time; 2) you probably have more time to devote to potty training that you normally would; 3) because we are quarantined, you’re likely not going anywhere which makes managing potty training much easier; and 4) you will probably never have this amount of time set aside ever again. 

From a practical standpoint, it’s a no-brainer to potty train now. 

For those who operate a bit more logically, I’ve got good reason for why now is the perfect time to potty train. The biggest (and most important) reason is the fact that you will need to have extra time devoted to potty training in order to follow through with your potty sit schedule. 

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But of course there are other logical reasons for why now is the time to potty train: you’ll need extra time  to teach all of the bathroom etiquette (like wiping); potty training is a learning process for you child so it does take time; and you’ll have extra time to deal with any setbacks along the way. 

And, of course, we can’t forget all of the benefits of getting potty training out of the way now: once we are done with social distancing, you’ll have a potty trained child and will be free to go out and about as you please without worrying about accidents! Truthfully, who would want to mess with potty training once the quarantine is over? Not me! 

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So let’s work smarter not harder and use the time we have wisely. For immediate helpful tips to get your started towards that success, snag my 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success at

And just imagine: you could have a potty trained toddler by the end of all of this social distancing and quarantine! 

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