Ignore Behavior?! Say what?!

behavior child parenting Apr 18, 2019

It's very common for many parents to struggle with some of the recommendations, strategies, and tips for handing a child's unwanted behavior. When I talk about junk behavior, inappropriate behavior, or attention-seeking behavior you may hear me advise parents to ignore the behavior. Many parents initially struggle with this concept.

To some, it seems counterintuitive to ignore behavior but sometimes that's exactly what you should be doing. 

Many parents feel that if the child is doing something inappropriate, we should talk to them about it so the child knows that they should no longer do the behavior. Sometimes this can be a big problem because talking to the child about the unwanted behavior may actually encourage the child to continue the behavior because they liked the type of attention they received in that "talk." 

What do I advise parents who experience this situation? If the parent really feels the need to talk to the child about why running in the house is not a...

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