When Snackers Take Over Your House

children parenting snacking May 02, 2019

Do you have any cookie monsters living in your house? You know, those little ones who like to snack, snack, snack all day long. It seems like they've taken over your kitchen and your food! 

I know of one mom who struggles with constant snackers:

  • You're eating a late breakfast because you've been busy all morning. The kids have already eaten but, of course, they see that you're eating and now they want a snack. 
  • It's a Saturday and the kids have been stuck in the house all day. They are bored. It's time for a snack. Oh, it's time for another snack... and another snack.
  • Lunch is in ten minutes but the kids are STARVING! I guess it's snack time. 
  • The kids took a few bites of food from their dinner plate. They say they are done. They say that they don't want any more. Fifteen minutes later, they want a cookie. 

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to having those "cookie monsters" roaming your pantry, and I'm sure a lot of you would LOVE a solution to this problem. The...

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Consistency is Key

One of the best pieces of advice I can give a parent regarding ANYTHING they try to implement with their child is that consistency is key.

Many times parents ask why a specific strategy isn't working. They tried it for a few days and it doesn't seem to be working; behavior doesn't seem to be getting better.

In these situations, my advice is always the same: consistency is key. You have to keep trying and keep working at it. Change doesn't happen over night. 

In fact, with the new strategy that you're using, you are actually teaching your child a new skill, a new system, or a new way of doing things. It takes time for your child to learn that new skill, new system, or new way of doing things. Along with time, it takes consistency. 

Maybe you're using a timer for the first time. Maybe you're using first-then statements. Or you could be outlining expectations for the first time. Maybe you are no longer giving in to your child's whining when he wants that piece of candy....

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The Importance of Chores for Kids

behavior children chores Mar 14, 2019

Assigning chores to our children has more benefits than just taking the load off of us parents for a while.


Assigned chores are great for children. They help the child feel like part of the family, they teach the child new skills, they help the child function independently within the home, and they help teach the child the sense of satisfaction from a job well-done.


If you’ve never incorporated chores into your family life, it may seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be!


When assigning chores, it’s important to keep it simple and manageable. You don’t want to overwhelm the child with too many chores or with chores that are too difficult for the child to complete. You also don’t want to overwhelm yourself.


To start, assign your kiddo with one daily chore. For little ones, picking up toys is a great place to start, or even putting dishes in the kitchen sink once they are done with a meal. For elementary aged children,...

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Bedtime Routines

behavior children sleep Feb 28, 2019

Bedtime routines are INCREDIBLY important for kids and even babies. A bedtime routine includes all the activities that you do before going to bed in order to prepare you for bed. The reason why a bedtime routine is so important is because each step of the routine signals that sleep is about to come.


My ten month old son has a bedtime routine that we follow every night, and shoot, I even have a bedtime routine that I follow.


A routine helps us prepare for bed, it sets the occasion for sleep behaviors, but if it is inconsistent it could influence our sleeping in a negative way.


Kids thrive on routines, so using a bedtime routine is a good first step when faced with sleep problems.


A bedtime routine can include any event that the child needs to complete (such as brushing teeth) and that prepares the child for bed. It’s important to avoid any events that could keep the child up longer, such as rough housing or using electronics. A bedtime routine...

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The 411 on Junk Behavior

behavior children parenting Feb 21, 2019

Have you ever heard of junk behavior?! 

If you haven't, I'm CERTAIN you know exactly what it is and I'm CERTAIN that you have most definitely seen it before. Shoot, you even maybe thinking that your kid probably has a few junk behaviors up his sleeve.

You're not alone!

Lots of kids (and I hate to admit it but, even adults) engage in what we behavior analysts like to call "junk behavior."

Junk behaviors are those annoying and downright irritating behaviors that are minor in nature. Some examples that you have probably seen in your day-to-day life are whining, pouting, baby talk, arguing, some crying, a kid sticking his tongue out at you, and flopping (or falling) to the ground. Junk behaviors are MINOR misbehaviors, they are not dangerous or harmful to a person or property like aggression or tantrums that involve throwing of objects. 

I think you know what I'm talking about. Junk behaviors are really just those annoying behaviors that get on our last darn...

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How Behavior Analysis Can Help You

behavior children parenting Feb 11, 2019

As a junior in college, I "stumbled" upon behavior analysis and never looked back. At the time I was working for The Summer Treatment Program for Children with ADHD with Children's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City, Missouri), learning everything I could from the clinical psychologists who ran the summer camp. Those eight weeks were the some of the best weeks of my life. I returned for two or three more summers (I can't keep track anymore!) because I fell in love with the work I was doing. Child behavior. Parent training. All of it made sense to me. I was told that I had a gift.

Fast forward to a few more years and I began my Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and Developmental Disabilities at Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama). I FINALLY landed to where I was suppose to be, and I'm sure glad that I did land there. I have always loved school, but I especially loved everything I was learning about the principles of behavior, classroom management, Autism Spectrum Disorder...

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behavior children parenting Feb 11, 2019

What would be a better day to launch this website AND business than on Valentine's Day?!  Yep, that's right! Lauralynnlapointe.com is OFFICIALLY launching on Valentine's Day 2019! This has been a BIG dream in the making for longer than I can even realize and it is finally HERE! 

I am SOO glad that you are joining me on this grand adventure! In this post, I want to give you the 411 on what you can expect and see from my and on my sites! Let's jump in to the excitement! 


On the homepage of my website at www.lauralynnlapointe.com you will see ALL of the exciting things I've got going: freebies, my Facebook group, podcast, blog posts, and so much more! The highlights are my courses and workshops. 

For a long time I have desired to provide parents with resources that are sound, backed by science, easy to implement, and can help reduce some of that parenting overwhelm. My courses do just that! My first, and signature course, is POTTY TRAINING MADE...

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