The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 138: Is It Normal for My Child to Have Meltdowns Around the Holidays?

behavior holidays podcast Nov 16, 2021

Most of us love a good holiday celebration, and before we know it we are going to be thrown into over a month of celebrating. 

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, from party after party after party, and from one activity to another, your schedule is going to be booked. The same goes for your kids as well. Maybe you love it or maybe you hate it. 

But the reality of this holiday craziness is that there are bound to be a few extra meltdowns or tantrums here or there - from your toddler of course, but maybe also from you - and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise, should it? 

Today on the show we’re going to be talking about these meltdowns that happen around the holidays: why they are more likely to occur at this time and what you can do to help your kid - and yourself - through this holiday season. 

Let’s go to the show.


  • Laura Lynn discusses what can contribute,...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 136: Potty Training Around the Holidays: What You Need to Consider

With the holidays just shortly around the corner, you may find yourself with some time off and a toddler who is ready to be potty trained. 

Summer is always a big time for parents to jump into potty training, but the holiday season may also be a pretty popular time to get potty training done. 

If you’re thinking it may be go-time for your toddler and potty training, keep listening to today’s episode. We’ll be talking about some important things you need to consider with potty training around the holidays and how to best prepare.

Now let’s chat about potty training during the holiday season. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares the one question you need to ask yourself when trying to decide if you should potty train your toddler during the holiday season; 
  • She explains the things you should consider for potty training your toddler over the holidays; and 
  • She...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 93: My Biggest Parenting Take Away from 2020 & What’s To Come in 2021

holidays parenting podcast Dec 29, 2020

Christmas has come and gone and we are about to ring in the new year of 2021. What a great time it is to sit and reflect on all that has happened these past 12 months and what’s to come in the year ahead. 

Today on the show I want to reflect and share with you about my own biggest parenting take away from 2020 and give you a little sneak peek into what’s to come for The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast and Laura Lynn LaPointe LLC (also known as how I serve you in the online space) for 2021. 

And it goes without saying that I’m sharing all of this with you in the hopes to inspire, motivate, and support you in your own parenting journey so that you can be the confident, happy, and fulfilled mama that you truly desire to be. 

Okay, let’s dive in. Let’s go to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares all that has happened in life and in business in 2020, including welcoming a new baby and...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 91: Is It Normal for My Kid to Be Ungrateful

behavior holidays podcast Dec 15, 2020

Tis the season for receiving gifts, giving thanks, and showing gratitude. And if you’re a mama who has toddlers and older kids, the thought of how your children will respond when they receive a gift that they don’t like may terrify you. 

Kids receive gifts throughout the entire month of December... at daycare, at school, at Christmas parties, with extended family, and, of course, with you on Christmas Day, so there’s plenty of opportunity for your kids to respond to receiving a gift. 

While we definitely prefer that our kids receive a gift they like and will use, that is not always the case (cue the ugly Christmas outfit). Inevitably, at a young age, they will be confronted with the situation of what to do and how to respond when they receive something they don’t like. 

And you, mama, will be confronted with a similar situation of watching your kid respond terribly to receiving an unwanted gift....

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 90: How to Manage Your Holiday Stress & Keep Your Parenting Sanity This Season

holidays parenting podcast Dec 08, 2020

I still can’t believe that we are into December and now very quickly approaching Christmas season... 2020 has gone by so slow and yet so dang fast! 

But today on the show I want us to chat about the stress that we get ourselves into throughout the holiday season, and more importantly, how we can manage that stress and keep our parenting sanity in the midst of it. 

Because here’s the deal. Life doesn’t have to be full of stress and anxiety.

So let’s throw off that parenting and holiday stress and actually enjoy the holiday season, shall we? Let’s go to the show!


  • Laura Lynn shares how you can manage your holiday stress while being a parent AND an individual
  • She illustrates key strategies to help your kids cope with the holiday craziness; and 
  • She shares how most holiday “obligations” aren’t true obligations that we have to abide by. 


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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 89: How to Know If NOW is the BEST Time to Potty Train

The holiday season is truly upon us now and you may already be planning what to do with your spare time over Christmas break. 

And if you’ve got a toddler around the 2-3 age range, maybe you’re considering potty training during this extra time that you’re spending at home. It makes sense. Potty training does take some extra time and having the time at home with your toddler really is needed for those first few days of potty training. 

So today on the show I want to help you solve the debate on whether NOW, the break you may get within the holiday season, is the best time for you to potty train your toddler. 

Now let’s dive into how to know if now is the best time to potty train. Let’s head to the show. 


  • Laura Lynn shares two necessary prerequisites before you even consider if the holiday break is a good time to potty training your toddler; 
  • She illustrates why...
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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 37: Three Ways to Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season

holidays parenting podcast Nov 26, 2019

Hi! Laura Lynn LaPointe here! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! The holiday season can be such an amazing and exciting time of year, but with kids in tow, all of that holiday magic can quickly turn into childhood mayhem - you know what I’m talking about… the screaming, crying, tantrums… the whole nine yards. So in today’s episode I’m sharing three ways to save your sanity this holiday season so your celebrations don’t turn into catastrophes. And before I forget, check out my Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course.

I’m bringing this episode to you because I know how crazy the holiday season can be with Thanksgiving, Christmas, shopping, the kids being home from school, attending parties, having family in town, crazy schedules, and all of the loud noises. All of this craziness can lead to parenting overwhelm! Here are three important tips to help you maintain your...

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