The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 58: Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Potty Train Your Child

Hi there! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. As a parent, one of my philosophies in life is to work smarter and not harder. With this pandemic that we are in, this philosophy is really hitting home since our lives have gotten turned upside down. And I want you to work smarter and not harder so you can save that precious energy, not get frustrated with your kids while stuck at home with them all day, and enjoy the free time you have with your family. So, if you’re a parent of a toddler, I’ve got a way for you to work smarter now which will reap those rewards that I just mentioned both now and later. Let’s chat about why NOW is the perfect time to potty train your child, shall we?

And since we are talking about potty training today, go grab my 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success so you can get started today! You can grab that guide at

Let’s get to it! Let’s...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 57: A Time for Teaching Life Skills

Hello, hello! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. Can you believe that this is our final episode of my series to support you during this COVID-19 pandemic? I feel like so much life has happened within these past four weeks. Phew. How are you doing with it all? I hope you’re not only hanging in there but thriving. 

In today’s episode I am sharing how we can use this time at home so incredibly wisely with our kids. I think we’ve all learned (or have been reminded) that life happens, and sometimes we need to go back to our roots and a much simpler lifestyle. So today I’m talking about using this time that we have at home with our kids to teach them the ever-important life skills that they will need now and later on in life.

Before we jump to it, I want to let you know about an amazing freebie I have for you… to help teach your young child an important life skill. I’m talking about potty...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 56: Kid Activities During Social Distancing

activities pandemic podcast Apr 07, 2020

Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. This is week three of four of my podcast support for you during this COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve talked about parenting positively amidst all of the negativity around us. We’ve talked about using daily schedules to our advantage to curb those unwanted behaviors. And today we are talking about activities to keep our kids busy during this time of social distancing. I don’t know about you but for me keeping my son occupied without playing with other children has been a difficult thing for this mama to overcome. I’ll fill you in on the details later on. 

Before we head to the show, I have a freebie that tags along perfectly to our topic today. It’s my Activities for Keeping Unideal Behavior at Bay. You can download that at or

Now let’s get to it! Let’s head to the...

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