The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 62: Regressions… Oh My! What To Do When Your Kid Goes Backwards

Well, hello! Welcome back to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. Today on the show we are talking about a very timely topic that probably many of you have faced: regressions. That could be regressions in behavior, regressions with sleep, or regressions with potty training. And it’s a timely topic because lots of children have faced or are facing regressions because of the pandemic. Because of being quarantined. Because of having to attend virtual school. Because of being socially isolated and not being able to play with friends. Because of being stuck at home, which is a completely different and weird situation for our kids. Shoot, it’s all weird, isn’t it? So today we are jumping into why regressions happen and what to do to get back to normal. Plus, I’ll share my own thoughts and my family’s specific situation with regressions.

And since many of you are experiencing increases in tantrums and other...

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