The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 62: Regressions… Oh My! What To Do When Your Kid Goes Backwards

Well, hello! Welcome back to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast. Today on the show we are talking about a very timely topic that probably many of you have faced: regressions. That could be regressions in behavior, regressions with sleep, or regressions with potty training. And it’s a timely topic because lots of children have faced or are facing regressions because of the pandemic. Because of being quarantined. Because of having to attend virtual school. Because of being socially isolated and not being able to play with friends. Because of being stuck at home, which is a completely different and weird situation for our kids. Shoot, it’s all weird, isn’t it? So today we are jumping into why regressions happen and what to do to get back to normal. Plus, I’ll share my own thoughts and my family’s specific situation with regressions.

And since many of you are experiencing increases in tantrums and other...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 16: The 5 Biggest Sleep Mistakes with Dana Stone

parenting podcast sleep Jun 18, 2019

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Hey there! I’m so excited to have Dana Stone, a certified sleep consultant and owner of Rest Assured Consulting, join us today to talk all about the biggest mistakes that we parents make when it comes to our child’s sleep. In fact, these five mistakes can potentially lead us down to road of co-sleeping.

When we talk about co-sleeping, we are not talking about the baby/child sleeping in our room. We are really talking about the baby/child sleeping in our bed.  

This co-sleeping can be problematic for a number of reasons: it’s not a safe sleeping environment for the child, the parent is not getting the restful sleep that he or she needs, and we are encouraging habits that may not be the best for the child or the parent.

But what sometimes leads us down the road of co-sleeping or bed sharing is desperation. We simply just don’t know what else to do.

Let jump into the five biggest...

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Solving Bedtime Resistance with The Bedtime Pass

Does bedtime in your house sound like this?


“Mom, I’m thirsty.”

“No, you had enough water 30 minutes ago.”


“Hey, dad! I got to tell you something.”

 “I said go back to bed!”

“Dad, you forgot to tuck me in!”

“I already gave you a goodnight kiss and put you in bed. Stay in your room.”





Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


A lot of kids experience different bedtime resistant behaviors like calling out, crying, and leaving the bedroom. I’m sure you’re use to it. It has become a way of life for you, but guess what! It DOESN’T have to be that way!


I want to share with you the TOOLS and RESOURCES that you need to help solve these bedtime resistant behaviors, and it’s NOT HARD! The bedtime pass is an EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT intervention for those child behaviors that keep your child...

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Bedtime Routines

behavior children sleep Feb 28, 2019

Bedtime routines are INCREDIBLY important for kids and even babies. A bedtime routine includes all the activities that you do before going to bed in order to prepare you for bed. The reason why a bedtime routine is so important is because each step of the routine signals that sleep is about to come.


My ten month old son has a bedtime routine that we follow every night, and shoot, I even have a bedtime routine that I follow.


A routine helps us prepare for bed, it sets the occasion for sleep behaviors, but if it is inconsistent it could influence our sleeping in a negative way.


Kids thrive on routines, so using a bedtime routine is a good first step when faced with sleep problems.


A bedtime routine can include any event that the child needs to complete (such as brushing teeth) and that prepares the child for bed. It’s important to avoid any events that could keep the child up longer, such as rough housing or using electronics. A bedtime routine...

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