When Snackers Take Over Your House

children parenting snacking May 02, 2019

Do you have any cookie monsters living in your house? You know, those little ones who like to snack, snack, snack all day long. It seems like they've taken over your kitchen and your food! 

I know of one mom who struggles with constant snackers:

  • You're eating a late breakfast because you've been busy all morning. The kids have already eaten but, of course, they see that you're eating and now they want a snack. 
  • It's a Saturday and the kids have been stuck in the house all day. They are bored. It's time for a snack. Oh, it's time for another snack... and another snack.
  • Lunch is in ten minutes but the kids are STARVING! I guess it's snack time. 
  • The kids took a few bites of food from their dinner plate. They say they are done. They say that they don't want any more. Fifteen minutes later, they want a cookie. 

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to having those "cookie monsters" roaming your pantry, and I'm sure a lot of you would LOVE a solution to this problem. The...

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