The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 51: How to Avoid Parenting Trial & Error & Rely on Tactics that Work

parenting podcast strategy Mar 03, 2020

Hello there! Laura Lynn LaPointe here! Welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! Today’s episode is all about how to avoid this “trial and error” style of parenting, and honestly, this is a big topic that all of us parents need to talk about… myself included… because it is so easy to get caught in this style of parenting. So grab your cup of coffee, your notebook and pen, and let’s really dig deep into how we can avoid trial and error, second guessing, throwing tactics at the wall to see what will stick, and instead find specific strategies that actually work with our kids. And when we do this, we’ll find that we aren’t wasting any more of our precious time, our child will actually respond to the strategies, and we’ll have that confidence back in our parenting. 

Before we get to the episode, I want to remind you all about the giveaway going on! I’m giving away not...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 39: Have You Fallen into the Negative Loop?

parenting podcast strategy Dec 10, 2019

Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! Can we talk about this negative loop that is so dang easy to fall into in our parenting? Because, if you ask me, every parent falls into this cycle at some point or another. So in today’s episode, I want to share how I’ve fallen into the negative loop, how I get out of it, and how you can to, so you can quit feeling like a crummy parent. Oh, and I want to remind you that the prices for my courses are going up on January 15th, so if you’ve had your eye on the Regain Control of Your Child’s Behavior course, you can snag it now before the increase!  

So what is this negative loop? Really, the question that I’m asking is, “Is it possible to stay positive when our children are misbehaving?” The answer, of course, is yes, even though it may be difficult. But the negative loop that is so easy for us to fall into is when we use those negative parenting techniques that professionals...

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The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast Episode 28: My #1 Parenting Strategy for ALL Parents

parenting podcast strategy Sep 17, 2019

Hi there and welcome to The Parenting Clubhouse Podcast! Parents always ask, “What is your #1 strategy?” “What is your #1 parenting advice?” and I don’t blame them for asking. So, in today’s episode we are diving into my #1 strategy that I recommend for ALL parents regardless of their child’s age. Yep, you heard me: this strategy is for young and older kids alike. Let’s dive in! 

Let’s get to it. The #1 strategy that I recommend for all parents is praise. Yep, it’s as simple as that. Before I get into the “why,” let’s talk about what praise is. Praise is simply providing a positive statement to our child about a behavior that they are doing well. Like using good table manners or sharing their toys. 

So why is praise my #1 parenting strategy? 

First, when we provide praise to our children, we are directly teaching them in the moment what it is that...

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