Potty Training Regressions, OH MY!

You just spent somewhere in between 3 days (if you're lucky) to 1 month of potty training, and you are SO GLAD that it's over! 

No more accidents. No more cleanups. No more extra loads of laundry. 



Your family goes on a beach vacation and your kiddo gets all out of whack on going to the potty. 

You recently moved into a new house and, with the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking, your child is now having accidents. 

Your husband has been working overtime to save up some extra cash and you've had to do this parenting thing solo... which means you haven't been as consistent with your child's potty needs. You're exhausted. 

There are hundreds of different reasons that your child may have regressions with her potty training: stress, changes at home, lack of schedule, etc. 

At a time like this, there is no need to fret! Don't immediately jump to the worst case scenario. Regressions are just a part of the potty training process; they...

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