Hi, there!

I'm Laura Lynn (Parent Coach)! 

As a wife, mama of 2, parent coach, entrepreneur, and podcast host, I get the struggles of the daily grind that you parents face. You're busy. You want to be the best parent you can be, but you have so many other things pulling at you: lunches to be made, laundry to be done, kids to drop off at soccer practice, dinner to be prepped, a big meeting to prepare for, yet another parent-teacher conference, and the list could go on. You've got hungry kids, whinny kids, dirty kids who need a bath, kids who just won't stay in their beds because they want just one more sip of water, or kids who just get on your last darn nerve. You want your kids to be the best kids they can be. You want to be the best parent you can be, but you have limited time, insufficient resources, and no direction for where to turn. All you want is for this parenting thing to be EASY and for SIMPLE, PRACTICAL advice from a trusted and seasoned source. 

Don't pull out your hair anymore! I help parents just like you dump that OVERWHELM off out on the curb and take this parenting journey by the horns!

With straightforward and practical tools and strategies that are easy to implement and backed by science, you'll be on your way to become the parent you have always dreamed of. If this sounds like it's up your alley, poke around to learn about those strategies that will take your parenting from mediocre to EXTRAORDINARY!

Since you're curious, here's the scoop on me! 

 I am a wife, mother of one son and one daughter, Parent Coach, and entrepreneur! I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Theology in 2011 from Benedictine College (Atchison, Kansas) and spent three summers working for Children's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City, Missouri) for the Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children with ADHD. 

It was at the Summer Treatment Program where I fell in LOVE with training parents on effective behavioral strategies and working with children who exhibit unwanted behaviors. After working for a private school for two years, I returned to the classroom to earn a graduate degree, got married, started our family, and flew head first into parent coaching. We call Auburn, Alabama home and couldn't imagine life any other way. 

My Experience

I have spent my career working directly with children, parents, teachers, and staff on using effective and easy strategies to make positive behavioral changes in their everyday world. I adore the toddler years and helping parents find the confidence and ease in their parenting again.  

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My Why

Throughout my journey of motherhood, I have seen so many mamas have questions about parenting and looking for answers, having nowhere to turn or finding incorrect answers in all of the wrong places. Throw in the mama guilt + the busy schedule and you've got your hands full. Since becoming a mother myself, I quickly realized the need for parenting support and resources based on scientific principles that could be easily implemented, effortlessly understood, and available to mamas when they need them most.

During my free time, you can find me hiking with my family, drinking lots and lots of coffee, and daydreaming about the future.

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