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Regain Control of Your Child's Behavior

Are you ready to regain control, parent positively, and enjoy more play, snuggles, and smiles at home?


Do you want to feel confident in your parenting by having EASY and SPECIFIC tools for regaining that control at home?

  • Are you feeling tired and burnt out from fighting with your child’s behavior?

  • Maybe you’re feeling guilty that you aren’t doing enough to get your child to stop whining. 

  • You may have a hard time knowing who to trust for advice. 

  • You may even be worried and thinking, “Is there something wrong with my child for having all these tantrums?"

Since working with many parents on managing their children’s unwanted behaviors at home, like tantrums, whining, crying, and not following directions, I’ve seen that often, the easiest strategies have had the biggest effect at preventing these behaviors in the first place. And it’s my job to help you by arming you with these easy-to-use but super effective parenting techniques so that you can gain back a sense of control, stress less, relax more, and start enjoying spending time with your kids again.

How would it feel to…

  • Have SPECIFIC strategies that you could use at home TODAY that helped get rid of some of those unwanted behaviors so that you can feel joyful in your parenting?

  • Be ready with POSITIVE parenting tools that could help you get back to enjoying time with your children again?

  • Know that you now have the confidence and skills to make parenting feel easier?


I get it, parenting can feel hard! But I want to help you make it easy!

Being a mom and parent coach, it is my mission to help you regain that control at home by sharing my expert advice and tried and true techniques that I teach my private clients (and use in my own home, of course!) to help you PREVENT and MANAGE those unwanted behaviors like not following directions, tantrums, and whining, so that you can have more energy and ease in parenting. 

With this course you will learn:

  • VIDEO MODULE 1: The foundation of regaining control of your child’s behavior: KEEP IT POSITIVE! Say goodbye to negativity; with this module you'll be all positive!

  • VIDEO MODULE 2: Preventing your child’s unwanted behavior: PREVENTATIVE STRATEGIES. Finally you'll be empowered to prevent those unwanted behaviors.  

  • VIDEO MODULE 3: How to deal with JUNK behavior: PIVOT & PRAISE. Here, you'll feel like one qualified parent. 

  • VIDEO MODULE 4: Stepping it up a notch: effectively using REWARDS. No more second guessing those rewards; you'll be equipped to manage those rewards.

After this course you will…

  • Feel back in control, less clueless and anxious in your parenting, and relieved to have specific tools that are EASY to use

  • Say goodbye to that parenting guilt. You now have new parenting strategies to help prevent and manage those daunting tantrums and challenging incidents so you won’t feel like you’re failing your kids anymore.

  • Finally enjoy positive interactions and time with your kids again

Imagine what life would feel like if you had that control back at home: sure of yourself and your parenting, more silly times with your kids, and feeling more relaxed now that you are confident, positive, and empowered at home.

Are you ready for more energy and ease in parenting?


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